let me = { id: 107502076 first_name: 'andreas', last_name: 'iosifelis', middle_name: null, emails: [ 'drumforhim@gmail.com', 'andreasi@esna.com' ], projects: [ 'http://www.konstadaras.gr', 'http://www.beelights.gr', 'http://app.victorypainting.ca' ], pages: [{ slug: 'about', body: 'akfunctions is web development company founded in 2014. It's main goal is to give customers the solutions they need in order to make their work easier' }, { slug: 'services', body: 'Websites: A good, simple and powerfull internet profile is the best way for the world to become acquainted with you. e-commerce:We develop eshop applications that suit the exact needs of your online store, without the need of extra useless features.We analyze your work and give you the solution you need and desire.web applications: We develop web applications that save you a lot of time. Let's build together the application that will make your work more profitable. Interactive databases and fullfeatured datagrids are going to make your application a very functional tool in your business.' }, { slug: 'contact', body:
}] };